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There is a large amount of research to support the traditional osteopathic approach but some of it is conveniently dismissed by 'modern' researchers as 'out of date'. Currently you cannot use any work that is over ten years old in a literature review - an important part of any research.

This needs challenging because it means that progress cannot take into account old ideas, clinical evidence and any approach that challenges the status quo. Modern science cannot claim to be whole if it limits the field of exploration to only the present. Most brilliant discovery happens in practice not in planned research models.

Currently there is a tendency to only invest in research that has a projected marketable product at the end. This means that the traditional osteopathic approach is not popular to shareholder led research; it would however be an inspirational basis for reforming the NHS because it is low tech, patient-centred and much cheaper than maintenance medication regimes.

The loss of independence in the NHS and further privatisation can only lead to more corporate planning and thus a narrowing field of therapeutic availability for the public.

This is why the British Institute of osteopathy has among its aims the establishment of a free research laboratory whose only interest is the revalidation of the basic biological truths that underpin both the art, science and practice of traditional osteopathic practice. It will not use vivisection or genetic manipulation.

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