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Tilden's Toxaemia

Free download of Tilden's Toxaemia explained

This download was originally available on Ian Sinclair's website under our contacts page vaccinationdebate.com. Since Ian's untimely passing his site is unavailable. We have therefore asked if we could make this invaluable book available in memory of Ian and his sterling work, campaigning for the truth about vaccinations ineffective and damaging nature to be disseminated.

His book we have reviewed on our book review page and it is available from the informed parent, also on our contacts page. It is strongly recommended as a great start point in grasping the salient points of the anti vaccine stance.

So you can download this book free on the understanding that it is not sold or used to generate profit. I printed it back to back on good quality paper, got it hardbound and it makes a fine timeless book. It is the book that inspired Lindlahr, Shelton, Keki Sidwha and started the natural hygiene movement so its contribution cannot be underestimated. It seems fitting that it is available free as the information cannot be sold as a marketable product!

Howard Beardmore

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