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The British Institute of Osteopathy has been founded by Howard Beardmore. If you would like to submit articles to be considered for publication, book reviews or express interest in building a research base. Please write to:

The editor
The British Institute of Osteopathy
PO Box 7357
RG27 7EP

Any articles should be enclosed as hard copy and on CD in plain text format with an enclosed SAE for the return of work not used. We reserve the right to edit articles, in consultation with the authors. We operate 'authors copyright' that means any article published can be republished by the author in other publications and we would only ask that you contact us in advance so that any inappropriate association can be discussed prior to publication and that you state that the article was first published on the British Institute of Osteopathy website as a matter of courtesy.

If we would like to use the work elsewhere then we would seek to inform the author in advance for approval for the same associative considerations.

We are unable to enter into correspondence with prospective patients nor to recommend practitioners.

One of the purposes of the British Institute of Osteopathy is to educate the public and thus by gaining an understanding of traditional osteopathic practice it will enable patients wishing to pursue this approach to make an informed choice when trying to find a practitioner.