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Health the only immunity, the alternative to vaccination

Written and published by Ian Sinclair 5 Ivy Street Ryde NSW Australia 2112 third edition ISBN 0-646-22643-6 www.vaccinationdebate.com

This is an excellent synopsis of the vaccination issue and cannot be ignored by any parent or practitioner who wants to make an informed decision about vaccination.

The simple message is that the acute cleaning events (illnesses) that children have are part of immune development and any attempt to suppress them is a complete misunderstanding of their necessity. Is well researched and the question and answer section at the end covers most asked questions. The section on doctors condemning vaccination is also eye opening.

The Quote by A Sabin the developer of the Polio vaccine 'official data have shown that the large-scale vaccinations undertaken in the US have failed to obtain any significant improvement of the diseases against which they were supposed to provide protection' is particularly revealing.

Only 42 pages long there is no excuse for not taking the short time needed to read this booklet and it is a good starting point, especially good for sceptic grandparents and friends who have an uninformed opinion and think they know what's best.

For practitioners it is a good first booklet to make available to parents.

Availabe from www.informedparent.com

    Book review by Howard Beardmore DO

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