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Your Body's Many Cries For Water

by Dr F. Batmanghelidj

This fascinating book made me feel thirsty every time I picked it up to read, and it certainly has made me pay more attention to my own intake of water throughout the day. Dr Batmanghelidj offers a new paradigm concerning the importance of water in the body as opposed to current thinking where it is considered as insignificant packing material.

His discovery of the importance and benefits of water came about when he was imprisoned in Tehran during a revolution to overthrow the Iranian government. He was "lucky" to have avoided execution, probably because he was a doctor, and it was his lack of medical supplies that gave rise to his discovery.

From this platform he goes on to explain the effects of dehydration and the associated symptoms that are being interpreted incorrectly; and then being palliated with concoctions of chemicals until pathology is established. The majority of the book consists of individual chapters on many of the common chronic conditions from which many people currently suffer.

In each chapter he provides a scientific explanation of how and why the symptoms arise, and their subsequent treatment with changes to water intake; and in some cases nutrition and gentle exercise. He supports each chapter with many testimonials from successfully treated patients.

The book fully supports the natural method for healing, and I would suggest this book can be of nothing but benefit for anyone who may be suffering with a chronic condition, for those who wish to adopt a preventative approach against developing such conditions, and for those who practice an holistic approach to healthcare; in conjunction with the other proximate principles.

    Book review by Karen Brewer, DO

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