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Vaccines and Natural Healing

Vaccines don't really fit in with natural healing primarily because osteopaths in the UK don't vaccinate patients as part of their health care remit.

Also natural healing is about strengthening the body's own defenses and trying to understand why some people are more susceptible to disease than others. There is much evidence that the increase in longevity and the general health of the nation in modern society has a lot more to do with social healthcare programmes, clean water, sanitation, and better housing.

Traditional Osteopathic practice has a big part to play here because learning how to stay well rather than just manage symptoms is a big part of what we do in daily practice. Understanding why we may get unwell is an education process and we have spent a long time studying what we need to be healthy and ways to communicate this to patients.

Vaccination in the UK is not compulsory nor mandatory, it is up to you to look at the evidence, the pros and cons and make that decision yourself. You are as much entitled to join any vaccination programme as decline to take part, should you decide not to take part you can request that further reminders to take part can be stopped. It's your decision and no one can prejudice or discriminate against you from access to public services, schools, swimming pools or nurseries, the vaccine status of both you and your children is a private matter and society has decided that this is how it should be.

My personal understanding of this subject is irrelevant to someone else making a choice and I would never advise anyone what decision to make and to date have not done so.

Making vaccine choices

- if you don't look at both viewpoints you are not making a choice

1) Please go to the NHS website and read what they have to say about vaccination - http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/vaccinations/Pages/vaccination-schedule-age-checklist.aspx - and then ask your doctor why they do not go through all the known contradictions and side effects to vaccination to comply with the Asfar ruling on informed consent before they vaccinate. http://www.ipsofactoj.com/international/2005/Part12/int2005%2812%29-012.htm

In a nutshell the Asfar ruling means that if there is a known significant bad outcome from a medical procedure and the person carrying out the procedure does not tell you before you give consent, they are criminally negligent, even if the bad event doesn't happen. It is worth adding you also have not made and informed choice either!

Most people just get a call up letter directing them to attend a vaccine clinic just a few days before it happens with no time to make an informed decision.

2) For further evidence on making vaccine choices see Dr Jayne Donegan's GP website http://www.jayne-donegan.co.uk/

In 2009 Jayne was asked to be an expert witness in a high court case where two parents had split up, one wanted vaccination for the child but the other didn't. Jayne was employed as the high court expert witness and had the job to do a full review of the entire childhood UK vaccination schedule. She was to provide a detailed legal court document to assist the High Court in making a ruling on whether or not vaccination was in the interests of the child.

What Jayne found was contrary to her medical training. The evidence base for vaccination efficacy was simply not there within the peer reviewed papers supplied to her by the court, in fact what she found was the opposite. After losing round one on a technicality the GMC finally lost and was forced to concede that the High Court ruling on this issue was based on the sound up to date evidence that Jayne had provided in her court report.

The High Court ruling was that vaccination was not in the best interests of the child. This ruling was on the GMC website for a number of weeks before it was taken off.

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'The best solution to disease is health'

The greatest advances in public health have been through clean water, clean air, sanitation, transport for fresh food, and dealing with urban overcrowding.

In both prevention and treatment of disease, it is all too easy to overlook the basic things the body needs in order to be healthy. Yet these things should be central to the task. Hence most osteopaths prefer a drug-free approach; instead placing the emphasis onto the body's in-built healing mechanisms, and the basic necessities of life.